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Generation Gore (Gatefold LP)


Image of Generation Gore (Gatefold LP)

Released in July 2010 by CONTRA LIGHT RECORDS this output once more proves how diversified this band can sound!
Limited to 500pcs in total this LP is available in 3 vinyl colors:

-Red/Black splatter (SOLD OUT)
-Vomit splatter (limited to 200pcs)
-Plain black vinyl (limited to 100pcs)
once again its collectors time!

01) Here they come
02) Liber sanguinis
03) Spit black!
04) Unleashed
05) Dein Nachtmahr (feat. Pazzer/Totenmond)
06) Ghastly ever after
07) Aokigahara/The sea of trees (feat. Argyle Goolsby/Blitzkid)
08) The body bag
09) Living carrion
10) The creature (feat. Lon & Kain/The Fright)
11) Ophelias song
12) Last words

13) LP ONLY BONUS SONG: Ravenous